More on the space on public transit and male entitlement issue. I have often noticed that most women, when faced with a dude who is taking up one and a half seats (or really, I suppose, two seats because who the hell gon sit in that half seat?) they just inch away and stay standing, even when it’s crowded. And I used to be one of them. But now I’m just so tired of this bullshit if I see an empty seat and no one’s sitting in it because douche bro over there is taking up more space than he is supposed to by splaying his legs all over the fucking place, I just move over there and give them the strongest glare and say/(sometimes I have to) yell, “Do you mind?!” till they move the fuck over and let me sit.

I don’t care if I sound rude. I ain’t playing wid you, you privileged prick. I can guarantee when dudes feel the need to show their entitlement to public space like that, their dicks are really not so big that they need half a seat’s more space to accommodate it.

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  • 1 year ago
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